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The Minister of Finance travels to the United States to participate in the World Bank Spring Meetings and attract more investment for infrastructure

The Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo, together with the Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Finance, Pablo Quirno; the Secretary of Finance, Santiago Bausili; and the Undersecretary of International Financial Relations, Martín Soto, are travelling this week to Washington to participate in the 2018 World Bank Spring Meetings.

On Thursday, Mr. Minister is participating as Governor before the World Bank in the panel “Market forces at work: Institutional investors and a sustainable world”, together with the President of the international organization, Jim Yong Kim. The panel will focus on how innovative partnerships between the World Bank Group, investors, and governments can lead to support sustainable and inclusive growth.

The panel will also have the participation of the CEO of the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF), Hiromichi Mizuno; the Director of the UBS Global Topics, Axel Weber; and the CEO of the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, Lynn Forester of Rothschild. The event will be broadcasted live at the organization website (

Later, Minister Caputo is participating in the panel “A Conversation with Ministers of Finance from Latin America: The Future of Latin American Fiscal Policy and Growth”, organized by the Center for Global Development. The event will be broadcasted live at the website of the institution and it will be moderated by the directors Liliana Rojas-Suárez and Máximo Torero (

In addition, the event will have the participation of the following officials: the Minister of Treasury of Colombia, Mauricio Cárdenas; the Minister of Treasury of Paraguay, Lea Giménez Duarte; the Secretary of Treasury and Public Credit of Mexico, José Antonio González Anaya; the Minister of Treasury of Chile, Felipe Larraín Bascuñán; and the Minister of Treasury and Finance of Peru, David Tuesta.

Likewise, Luis Caputo, as President of the Contact Group on Venezuela’s situation, will be holding a meeting with Ministers and high-ranking officials of the Western hemisphere, Europe and Japan to discuss about the economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. A first meeting was held on March 19 in Argentina and Caputo issued a statement in which Maduro was requested to accept the offers of international humanitarian aid to take care of the health and well-being of the Venezuelan people.

On Friday, Luis Caputo will be meeting with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who represents the United Nations in the agenda of Inclusive Financing for Development, to talk about the importance of financial inclusion and the fight against informality and exclusion to achieve the growth of the whole region.

Finally, Caputo and the team of the Ministry of Finance will be holding important bilateral meetings with representatives of Chile, Mexico and Brazil (to be confirmed) where the focus will be on the insertion of the country into the regional economic scenario. Mr. Minister and his team will be also participating in working meetings together with businessmen and investors, where investment in infrastructure will play a leading role.