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Hernan Lacunza: “We are going to send to Congress the ‘Statistics Law bill that seeks to give hierarchy to INDEC”

In the framework of the presentation of the 2018 National Agricultural Census, Mr. Minister participated in the first panel together with the head of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, Jorge Todesca.

From the Ministry of Treasury, Lacunza said that a bill will be sent to Congress to give a hierarchical status to the INDEC: “We will be sending in the next few days to Congress one of the bills that we consider a pillar of the future Argentina: “The Statistics Law”, which seeks to give a hierarchical status to the Institute, provide it with independence and guarantee the quality we all want from public statistics. It will be debated in a plural way in Congress to have a better law and for the benefit of all Argentines. ”

In this regard, the official highlighted the credibility and reliability that INDEC recovered with Mauricio Macri’s Administration. In addition, he stressed the use of new technologies to be able to load and measure statistics throughout the national territory: “An exhaustive work with cutting-edge technology and technological innovations has been done. This will enable to load almost online and be able to detect alleged real-time inconsistencies of the load of data that really do to the quality of what we present today in society, with a level of detail that at the agricultural level allows to detect acre per acre, plot by plot; what has been done in each of them; what the practices were”.

Finally, Lacunza emphasized the importance of the agricultural sector in foreign trade: “Today it represents with its chained industries more than 2/3 of the currencies of Argentina’s exports between primary products and manufactures of agricultural origin. There is a high correlation between agricultural and non-agricultural GDP that tracts other sectors. ”