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The Financial Inclusion Council met with the authorities of Nacion Servicios

November 27, 2017

The Financial Inclusion Council met this morning to analyze, together with the authorities of Nacion Servicios, the strategy and evolution of PIM, the electronic wallet launched by Banco Nacion.

In addition to the officials of the Ministry of Finance, the following officials also participated in the meeting: the Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Treasury, Ariel Sigal; the Vice President of the Argentine Central Bank, Lucas Llach; the Director of the Argentine Central Bank, Horacio Liendo; the President of the Argentine Investment and Foreign-Trade Bank, Pablo Garcia; the Secretary of Social Economy of the Ministry of Social Development, Matias Kelly; the Vice President of Nacion Servicios, Alejandro Nigro; the Director of Nacion Servicios, Algejandro Cavallero; the CEO of Nacion Seguros, Leonardo Coca; and the Manager of Dinero Movil, Javier Buitrago.

PIM is a financial inclusion tool that can be used with a mobile phone, without the need of a credit card or a bank account. This tool to buy and to send cash already has 170,000 users and more than 20,000 participating stores.

The Financial Inclusion Council has to coordinate the design of short, medium and long-term public policies aimed at the promotion of the universal access to bank and financial services.