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IDB approved USD 960-million financing for improvements in potable water service in Greater Buenos Aires

The first stage is of USD 305 million and it will be used to improve the service of 11 million inhabitants of the first, second and third strip of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved a USD 960-million conditional loan, with a first stage of USD 305 million. The project is aimed at improving the access to sanitation, increasing potable water availability, supporting the sustainability and strengthening of the Argentine water provider (AySA) and improving treatment conditions and disposition of waste water for more than 11 million people who live in the first, second and third strip of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.

The first stage of the credit line will be used to finance the extension of the sewing system in Moreno and San Miguel, which will benefit 19,000 households with the construction of La Catonas and Marilo sewer pipes, and which will enable to treat waste water generated by more than 210,000 inhabitants.

In addition, the project foresees the construction of the sewage pipe of Berazategui, which will guarantee the correct disposition of waste water generated by 5.1 million inhabitants and which is thrown to La Plata River.
The project also includes the purchase of equipment to reduce physical water losses and decrease the unsatisfied demand of potable water for nearly 130,000 people.

Finally, the loan covers the financing of institutional strengthening actions through the improvement of the regulatory framework of AySA, of the capabilities and competence of the company’s staff and the operational reorganization to face the extension of the area where the service is provided.