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Caputo and Cabrera welcomed the Business Convergence Forum

The Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo, and the Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera, welcomed today representatives from the Business Convergence Forum (Foro de Convergencia Empresarial).

The following officials attended the event: Claudio Cesario, Coordination Secretary of the Forum and representative of ABA; Dardo Chiesa (Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas); Daniel Pellegrina (Sociedad Rural Argentina); Miguel López (Next Latinoamérica SA); Daniel Indart (FADEEAC); Jorge Alvarez (Unión Argentina de Entidades de Servicios UDES); Mario Grinman (Cámara Argentina de Comercios y Servicios); Manuel Aguirre (AmCham); Maria Elena Aguerre (Euro Cámara Argentina); Domingo Iraeta (CREA); Guillermo Pedoja (Cámara Empresaria del Medio Ambiente); Angel Daniel Vergara del Carril (Cámara de Sociedades Anónimas); Analia Canale (CAMBRAS); Marcelo Kaufman (ADECRA); Carlos Lannizzotto (Coninagro); Javier Allub (Consejo Empresario Mendocino); Pablo Taussig (ACDE); Arturo Acevedo (ACINDAR); Elizabeth O’Donnell (Asociación Dirigentes de Empresas); Jorge Vasconcelos (IERAL y Fundación Mediterránea); Aldo Elías (AHT); Ricardo Andino (CAVERA); Fernando Frávega y Guillermo Lipera (Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires); Jorge González (UDES); Oscar Correa (Fundación Carlos Pellegrini y Cámara Española de Comercio); Graciela Fresno (Federación Empresaria Hotelera Gastronómica de la República Argentina); Nahuel Caputto (Comisión Empresaria de medios de comunicación independientes); Rodrigo Pérez Graziano (CCIFA); Jorge Saumell (IAEF); Oscar Perez (CIRA); Juan Manuel Haddad (CICOMRA); Juan Chediack (CAMARCO); and Gustavo Koch (CAEM).

At the meeting, the participants talked about the measures of the economic plan developed by the National Government to sustain the economic growth and about the decision to begin negotiations with the IMF.
The Business Convergence Forum consists of enterprises, professionals, foundations and NGOs.

Claudio Cesario, representing the Business Convergence Forum said: “We support the measures the Government is implementing; resorting to the IMF is reasonable for us and other countries of the region have done the same. We recognize the Government’s reaction capacity and its prediction capacity. The meeting was very positive, we believe in the public-private dialogue and in trying to look for solutions together. From ABA, we see a solid and reliable system. We don’t have conflicts or special situations. Today we are experiencing a record in deposits in Argentine pesos”.

Juan Chediack, of the Construction Board, said: “They have shown a technical and financial capacity to face this turbulence. We have a historical record of working force in the Argentinean Building Workers Union (UOCRA): 440 thousand jobs”.

Manuel Aguirre Amcham added: “No investment plan is revised. The head offices welcomed the negotiations with the IMF. It represents coverage within the framework of our country’s financing needs”.

Daniel Pellegrina, form the Argentinean Rural Society, talked about the dialogue and joint work with the Government and said: “We have been working with the Government since the beginning of the Administration in competitive sectors such as meat and the forest industry and they work really good”.