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Caputo and Cabrera met with Businessmen of AEA

The Minister of Production, Francisco Cabrera, and the Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo, met with businessmen of the Argentine Business Association (AEA, for its acronym in Spanish). The meeting took place this morning at the building of the Ministry of Treasury.

The meeting was attended by: Jaime Campos, President of AEA; Marcelo Argüelles (SIDUS); Jorge Aufiero (Medicus); Carlos Blaquier (Ledesma); Federico Braun (La Anónima); Alejandro Bulgheroni (PAE); José Cartellone (Jose Cartellone Construcciones Civiles); Eduardo Constantini, (Consultatio); Alfredo Coto (Coto); Enrique Cristofani (Santander Río); Renato Fernández Baeza (Cencosud); Julio Figueroa (Citi); Alberto Hojman (BGH); Luis María Macchiavello (Droguerías del Sur); Santiago Mignone (PWC); Carlos Miguens (Grupo Miguens); Cristiano Rattazzi (FCA); Kurt Soland (Bayer); and Amadeo Vázquez. Both Ministers shared the Government’s vision on the measures and economic decisions made during the past weeks and they also talked about the negotiations with the IMF.

Campos, President of AEA, said: “This possibility the Government gives us to dialogue and listen to each other is very important. We are going to overcome this situation. It will get us stronger”.

Regarding the negotiations with the IMF, he said: “The Government anticipated itself and it is the best way to finish with this exchange issue. We are calm; it is a short exchange crisis. The Government is handling very well this situation”, he added.

In addition, Rattazzi (FCA), said: “I am satisfied with the decision of sorting to the IMF. We have recently presented a new car produced in Argentina, which will contribute to the increase of exports in the sector. The activity will continue as usual this year”.

Bulgheroni, of PAE, said: “It is very positive to see that the Government is working with precaution. It is the way a businessman wants a Government to work”. Regarding the firm’s investment, he said: “We continue executing our investments and we maintain our projects. Nothing changes”.

Cristofani, of Santander Río, said: “It is an exchange issue. It has nothing to do with the situation in 2001. There is not a debt crisis”. Regarding consumption, he added: “We analyze the consumption with credit cards and the evolution is positive for 20 points. We analyze the loans to individuals and they are at the same level than in previous months”.