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Argentina will host the 2018 Inter-American Development Bank Annual Meeting

Caputo presented, together with Governor Cornejo, Mendoza as the seat for 2018. Mr. Minister also led the Technical Preparatory Meeting of Ministers of Finance leading to the October meeting.

April 1, 2017

In a tough day of multilateral meetings, the Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo, continued this Saturday with his activities in the City of Asuncion in the context of the 2017 Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Annual Meeting.

At noon, Luis Caputo led the Technical Preparatory Meeting of Ministers of Finance, together with the Vice-President of Sectors and Knowledge of the IDB, Santiago Levy Algazi. They talked about the issues to be address in October at the IDB Ministerial Meeting, at which the Minister of Finance will present financial inclusion as a main issue. During the meeting, Caputo highlighted that “financial inclusion is an unresolved issue for the production and growth of the region”.

Within said framework, Mr. Minister explained that “it is a combination of tools to foster domestic savings and to extend the benefits of the financial system to the whole society, such as the access to credit; and he added that this leads to more investment and therefore to the creation of businesses and jobs”.

Later, Argentina hosting the 2018 IDB Annual Meeting, taking place in Mendoza, was announced. Within said context, Caputo thanked the international community’s confidence in the change the country is making and he gave an enthusiastic welcome to the incentive the multilateral organization is giving to the agenda for the growth of the region.

In addition to the official presentation of the Minister of Finance, the event included the participation of the Governor of Mendoza, Alfredo Cornejo; the President of the IDB, Luis Alberto Moreno; and the Minister of Treasury of Paraguay, Santiago Peña Palacios, and a representative stand of the country, with typical food and dances.

Likewise, during the morning, Caputo attended the preliminary session of Delegation Chiefs and the IDB and IIC committee meetings.

The Finance Minister also held a working meeting with the authorities of the European Investment Bank (EIB), which included the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Finance (the Chief of Cabinet, Pablo Quirno, and the Secretary of Finance, Santiago Bausili) and representatives of the EIB (The Vice-President, Roman Escolano; the Director of Global Partners, Maria Shaw-Barragan; the Head of Division for Operations in Latin-America and the Caribbean, Philippe Szymczak; and the Responsible for Operations in Latin-America and the Caribbean, Alexandre Staff Varela).

Caputo also met with his peers of the region. First, with the Minister of Planning, Development and Management of Brazil, Dyogo Henrique de Oliveira, and the Secretary of Treasury and Public Credit of Mexico, Jose Antonio Meade Kuribreña; and after that, he met with the Ministers of the Pacifica Alliance. Said meeting included the participation of: Mauricio Cardenas, Minister of Treasury and Public Credit of Colombia; Alfredo Eduardo Thorme Vetter, Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru; Alejandro Micco Aguayo, Undersecretary of Treasury of Chile; and Jose Antonio Meade Kuribreña from Mexico. His Brazilian peer, Dyogo Henrique Olveira will also participate.

In the afternoon, the Finance Minister will held different meetings with investors and financial institutions and he will participate in the Special Meeting of Governors. Caputo will also talk with Juan Notaro Fraga, President of the Financial Fund for the Development of La Plata Basin (FONPLATA) about the financing to modernize the State and support Provinces affected by “El Niño”. Finally, he will attend the opening session and he will meet with different investors.