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Terms of the exchange offer of public debt in foreign currency under foreign law

Buenos Aires, August 16, 2020. Following the announcement of August 4, 2020, the National Executive Power issued, on August 16, Decree 676/2020, approving the terms of the proposed restructuring of Argentina’s debt agreed with the representatives of the Ad Hoc Group of Argentine Bondholders, the Argentina Creditor Committee and the Exchange Bondholder Group and other holders (together, the “Supporting Creditors”).

In representations subsequent to the announcement, the Supporting Creditors indicated their support for the Republic’s proposal, now incorporated in this decree, thus contributing to the debt relief sought by Argentina.

The proposal reflects the financial terms announced on August 4 and also reflects the conclusions of the work carried out within the framework of the dialogue with representatives of the creditors, other members of the international financial community, the International Monetary Fund, member countries of the G-20 and our partners in the G-24.

The dialogue held by the representatives of the Republic sought to strengthen the contractual framework embodied in 2014 at the international level. The work carried out made it possible to reach consensus on adjustments to model contractual framework adopted by the international community aimed at facilitating the creation of the will that forms the basis of any successful restructuring.

The added contractual tools are intended to strengthen the equitable and effective nature of existing sovereign debt restructuring mechanisms.

With this step, and the publication of the offer documentation in the SEC on August 17, Argentina meets its commitment to restore public debt sustainability within the framework of an orderly process.  The implementation of the agreement reached with the Supporting Creditors will create conditions to bring public finances into balance, give certainty to the private sector and provide the country with a new platform for growth once the pandemic is over.

At the same time, in accordance with the provisions of Annex II of Law No. 27,556, Decree 676/2020 approves the adaptations to Annexes II and III of said Law, which include the “Terms and Conditions of the Offer under Eligible Bonds” and the “Conditions of Issuance of the New Bonds”, thus giving equal treatment to bondholders under local law with respect to bondholders under foreign law.


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