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Dialogue for the implementation of the Argentine Social Solidarity and Productive Reactivation Act

Within the framework of the enactment of the Argentine Social Solidarity and Productive Reactivation Act, the Secretary of Treasury, Raúl Rigo, received different referents from the professional entities, with the aim of explaining different tax issues implemented by the law.

During the meeting, held at the Ministry building, Raúl Rigo said: “It is important to have a space for dialogue and technical exchange”, and highlighted the work done with the different entities and the Argentine Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP, for its acronym in Spanish).

The idea of ​​the meeting was promoted by the Ministry of Economy. The purpose is to achieve an approach with institutions that bring together professionals who, from their daily work, know the problem of applying the regulatory framework. Entities such as the Professional Council of Economic Sciences, the College of Graduates in Economic Sciences, the Bar Association and the Argentine Association of Fiscal Studies previously had sent their consultations. During the meeting, each of the concerns were read and answered.

The most consulted topics referred to the tax policy contained in the Law passed by Congress at the end of December. Personal Assets Tax, Income Tax and Tax for an Inclusive and Solidary Argentina (PAIS, for its acronym in Spanish, which means “country”) were the main themes. The questions addressed the technical nature of the articles of the regulation.

Participants highlighted the possibility of having this consultation space to express their opinions. The dialogue took place in a cordial tone. This is the first meeting of a work process that seeks to improve and clarify specific cases where there are different interpretations of the regulations.