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Argentina to Receive USD 220 million in Loans from CAF

The Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and the authorities of the Ministry of Finance signed a financing agreement for infrastructure works in water, energy, tourism and to foster public-private partnerships.

During the 160th Board of Directors Meeting of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), the operations for the “Comprehensive management of Lujan River Basin Project, Stage II” and the “Support for the development of public-private projects Program” were approved. Argentina was represented at the Meeting by the Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Finance, Pablo Quirno, and the Undersecretary of International Financial Relations, Felix Martin Soto.

In addition, during the meeting, Pablo Quirno signed the loan agreements for the “Infrastructure Program of the Strategic Plan of Sustainable Tourism of the Province of Catamarca” and the “Sectorial Program of Comprehensive Approach of the Energy Sector”.

The Board of Directors Meeting, held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, was the first one presided by the President of the CAF who took office in April this year, Luis Carranza Ugarte, and within said context, the 2017-2022 strategy was presented.

The “Comprehensive management of Lujan River Basin Project, Stage II”, amounting to 120 million dollars, is for the Province of Buenos Aires. The objective of this project, which benefits five locations of Buenos Aires, is to control the level of flow and the flooding consequences in the Lujan River Basin. In that direction, the Lujan River Master Plan consists of 2 stages, the first one taking place in the middle and lower part of the basin and the second one in the middle and higher part. The first stage, for 100 million dollars, was approved in July 2016.

The “Support for the development of public-private projects Program” was approved for a total amount of 100 million dollars. It is aimed at contributing to the National Government’s efforts to strengthen this public policy that enables the private investment participation in priority sectors of the country’s economy.
The Program fosters public-private partnership (PPP) investment by strengthening institutions and regulations. This operation will help the Ministry of Finance to apply Argentine Law No. 27328 through the implementation of the PPP Unit, which is aimed at promoting private investment in the following sectors: infrastructure, housing, activities and services, productive investment, investigation and technological innovation.

The “Infrastructure Program of the Strategic Plan of Sustainable Tourism of the Province of Catamarca” has a total cost of 17.14 million dollars, 13 out of which shall be financed by the CAF. It is a direct loan for the Province of Catamarca which is aimed at developing infrastructure and touristic products that shall increase the number of tourists in said Province and, therefore, the income generated by this economic activity.

The “Sectorial Program of Comprehensive Approach of the Energy Sector” consists in supporting investment in energy infrastructure within the country, in particular gas transportation. The amount of the loan shall be equivalent to 150 million dollars.

In addition, on Monday, the Argentine team participated in a working dinner where they addressed the comprehensive management of disaster risk in Latin America and the role of the CAF in that sense. Nowadays, Argentina’s operations with the CAF amount to 3.3 billion dollars for the public sector.

The CAF works in areas such as road development, sanitation, risk, municipal works, schools, support to the national university system, among others, and in innovative sectors such as atomic energy and spatial development, a distinctive mark of this organization. For that reason, Argentina continues working together with this organization that promotes sustainable development through initiatives related to growth strategies for the country.