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Announcement by the Secretariat of Finance

The National Executive Power sent to the Honorable Congress of the Argentine Nation a bill on Social Solidarity and Productive Recovery, which lays the groundwork for the solution of the economic and social crisis that the Argentine Republic is experiencing.

Within said framework, the “External Debt Sustainability Management Unit” is created within the scope of the Secretariat of Finance under the Ministry of Economy of the Nation, which will be in charge of one of the purposes included in the aforementioned bill, being its main duty to manage the sustainability of the external public debt of Argentina.

This Unit will initiate a consultation process generating a channel for dialogue with various market participants and agents in line with the objectives proposed by the Minister of Economy.

At this stage, this Secretariat invites financial institutions and financial advisors to participate in the interaction process that allows the country to restore the sustainability of its external public debt as a part of the comprehensive macroeconomic program in force.

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